• Stephan Hanel joins Elcowire as Head of Metal Management
• New holding furnace for increased productivity
• Record output copper profiles

Elcowire – now even more experienced
in metal trading

We are happy to announce that Stephan Hanel has joined our team with the overall responsibility for our entire procurement and hedging of copper and other metals. Stephan will also belong to the management team. His title is “Head of Metal Management”.

Stephan is well known in the industry and has vast experience from both physical and financial metals markets since the early 2000’s. He has held top positions in companies like Siemens, Thyssenkrupp and Diehl Brass Solutions.

Stephan will be a strong link to Elcowire´s dependable supply of copper in a world where the foreseeable copper shortage is a fact. Carbon footprint will be an highly important consideration in procurement decisions. Also, with Stephan´s experience Elcowire´s ability to offer different price models will increase.

“During my many years of experience in the metal trading world, I have created a broad view on international markets that Elcowire will benefit from”, Stephan says.

 “I am eager to contribute my experience and ideas to the company’s operations, recognizing that being part of the management team allows for more direct involvement and impact. Looking forward to gaining exposure to various aspects of the business, from procurement over finance to production, so that I can make most of my broad skill set.”

“I feel confident in joining an inspiring work environment at Elcowire, where ideas are valued and teamwork is encouraged – fostering a sense of true collaboration among colleagues”, Stephan concludes.

New holding furnace for increased productivity

Elcowire Helsingborg/Sweden invested a half million euro in a new holding furnace this summer to ensure production reliability and increase efficiency in the rolling mill.

The new holding furnace was already lined within three weeks in June parallel to production. During the maintenance stop, the old holding furnace was moved out of the production hall on slide rails and then, the new holding furnace was moved into the production hall the same way. This operation was complicated due to the heavy weight of the furnace, and because cranes could not be used in the production hall. After moving the holding furnace, everything was reassembled, and the furnace was taken in to production.

Elcowire would like to thank their contractors for their involvement in the project.

Sustainability & Financial Report 2022

Did you know that our Wire Rod and Profiles are made of an increased amount of recycled and Low-carbon Copper? Read more about that and our actions to become the most sustainable copper supplier in Europe.

All time high!

During summer 2023 we have been setting new output records on profiles.

The profiles were delivered tomanufacturers of high-voltage cables used for green energy transitions and also for the increasing demand for transmission- and charging-cables for the automotive sector.

About Elcowire Group:
Elcowire is one of the leading suppliers in Europe of products and services based on copper and aluminum wire rod for the electrical and infrastructure industry. Operations are in Sweden and Germany. Elcowire consists of five business units: Rod, Rail, High Voltage, Specials and Wire & Strands. The company has 400 employees and headquarters are in Helsingborg, Sweden.